Monday, March 13, 2017

Almost Spring Haul II Amiclubwear II 2017

Hello Lovely Fashionistas!!

I am so waiting to get into my Spring outfits. I wore these floral pants to work last week which I got from Amiclubwear. I chose yellow sandals  which were also sent to me by the same company long time back. White sheer top with a black camisole gave a super comfortable yet cute look to my outfit.

Amiclubwear also sent me this gorgeous red maxi dress which I again wore to my work. This dress is amazing in terms of its length, ease and just everything. I added a floral kimono on the top 

This white cardigan I am wearing in the outfit below is actually a dress. It is quite sheer to wear as a dress but good to wear as a bathing cover up or an easy breezy cardigan. Hence, I added it on the top of my regular outfit for a road trip.

The last item they sent me are these cute babies in pink. I chose them because of the heel height which is medium and not high. I am trying to add few medium length shoes to my closet so i picked these shoes. They are no doubt beautiful and heel is pretty comfortable to walk. I am not sure if I would wear them often or note as they hurt a bit on the top my pinky toe. It might go away after few wears but I can't say anything now. Other than that they can be worn when you are not walking around that much like to a dinner or so.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

My Handbags Wishlist 2017

Handbag indeed is the most important accessory. I mostly need handbag that is of moderate size to fit all my necessary things in. I hardly go for super small handbags. It is not that I do not like them in fact I love small bags but I am the person who carries along everything wherever I go and everything does not fit into small bags. 

Even though I am not into accessories much. I hardly change my earrings, handbags or any other jewelry on daily basis but I still like to collect bags. I infect have good collection of bags. I am thinking to add some more. I am sharing few of the styles that are so much on my mind and are surely going to be added in my closet with you all today. 

This website called is having some nice handbags and clutches. Something that really caught my attention is Slimfold alligator wallet. I have never seen a wallet with lizard print on it. This is something really interesting. I like black and white combinations though so this can be of my style. 

The other thing I like is this Alligator skin belt. Although its men’ belt but I never step back to try men’s clothing and accessories. These belts can look really great and feminine on any skirt or bottoms. Similarly like the wallet they have this belt in lizard print in white. 

This Jason Messenger bag is my most favorite. I love the shape, size and details and of course the color of this bag. This bag can be worn as a cross body bag or on the side however you personally prefer. It is lined with Calfskin Suede
Solid Brass Buckle in Brushed Nickle Finish
Cutaway style that accommodates up to a size 38” waist

Another bag that I will love to have is Daphne. This bags is available in many different colors like yellow, blue, black and more. It has got polka dot lining
One interior rear zipper compartment and, one front patch pocket , and one front cell phone pocket
Center Divider feature with top zipper for an additional flat compartment
Top Bridge with magnetic snap closure for added security

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Black Pants | White Sweatshirt Outfits

Black Pants and White Sweatshirt Outfits
Black Pants and White Sweatshirt Outfits Sweatshirt Outfits Black Pants and White Sweatshirt Outfits

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Hello friends!

Today I am showcasing one of those black pants and white sweatshirt outfits. It is a look that came to me while getting cozier for some chilly days as sweatshirt outfits are such a staple to me when I need that warmth . I got these pants and sweatshirt from my new addiction that is Amazon.This is the look I always wanted to attempt but I was just waiting for the right weather.  The saying on the sweatshirt looks good actually Everything Looks Better.  I must say this is something different than my usual style. No matter what I had to go for this casual sweatshirt outfit for that breezy day. I snatched up these very comfortable pants that I also got from amazon as I said before. This look is seriously so fun and that is what I look for such an easy peasy outfit.

The fur sandals are from Amiclubwear. I love to wear them around my house with anything and everything. Well why won't I. They are so girly and adorable. They just go with everything actually I make them go with anything because I want to slip in them  everyday.

The sunglasses are green in color. I have them since ever. They were actually sitting under all the clutter inside my bag. I completely forgot I actually still have those till I accidentally found them in my bag. I was like they are my super favorite ones and I must wear them today. No matter if they go with my outfit or not. ow silly right! I know I know. But then I added another color to this black and white outfit and that is nothing else but my red lips.

One thing more I had no time to straighten down my hair as I just washed them. So I was like let me add some leave in conditioner and some hair serum for this photo shoot. I left them open well actually half open as I made a tiny pouf on the top .

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Skin Brightening Pigment Corrector Review

Skin Brightening
Skin Brightening Skin Brightening

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Let me first stop thinking about how to start writing this post. I mean who does not want a brighter and glowy skin with or without makeup. There are so many skin brightening facial techniques/routines, makeup tricks and highlighters to get that brightness. Think about getting that flawless brighter complexion without makeup. Actually it is possible to achieve that flawless skin with LUMAPRO-C Brightening Pigment Corrector Serum. I have been using this serum since last three weeks. I must say this product is definitely working for me at the present time.

What actually is this skin brightening corrector? It is a pigment-correcting serum that safely brightens any complexion using a drug-free formulation. This safely brightens your complexion.  Alongwith that, this minimizes the appearance of all types of hyperpigmentation including age spots, sun damage, and pigmentation from acne and “pregnancy mask”. Also, it improves overall skin radiance and health while reducing pigmentation activity to lighten skin. I still bleach my face. This works even better when coupled with facial bleach.

One thing I like bout this product is that it is free of  gluten,  artificial fragrance,  parabens,  phenoxyethanol,  PEG’s,  phthalate and sulfates; as a result it is best for sensitive skin types. I apply this serum once everyday. Sometimes I actually incorporate this Skin Brightening serum to my morning and evening skin care routines. I have addicted to this not only because I actually see my skin getting better but also it worked without any extra time dedication.


So let me know how did you guys like it if you try this out!

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Monday, January 9, 2017

Zaful Clothing Haul |Try On |Plus Review | Fashionoutfitsandbeauty

Zaful Clothing Haul Plus Review

Voile Deep Blue A Line Skirt

clothing haul    

On this blog this is definitely my first clothing haul and review post. I am really sorry for not doing any Clothing Haul posts or reviews on fashion items but I promise I will be doing this more often now.

The first item is a maxi skirt.This A Line Skirt is deep blue with black net/lace on the top. Lace really gives it a nice detail. The deep blue fabric is actually synthetic which is really good. I love it overall. The cut is amazing but I need to alter it a bit as I ordered wrong size so will make it little tight for my size. I must say it runs very true to the size. It seems like this skirt is out of stock right now.


Cat Ears Design Makeup Headband

  Cat Ears Design Makeup Headband clothing haul  

The second item I got is this headband. This headband is super cute. They have three differen colors in it. I loved this white one with pink ears. Headbands like this are not only perfect for makeup application to hold hair back but super cute as sleeping mask as well. It looks like I will surely use it as a sleepping mask hmm may be.. I like the elastic inside. It is not too tight nor loose. This really fits great and looks super cute


Cut Out Fitted Choker Bodysuit

  clothing haul choker bodysuit clothing haul choker bodysuit

I am so much in love with my third item and i.e this bodysuit. I love the choker that is built in. This fit perfectly great to my size. The material is super wearable. I just love everything about this choker bodysuit.


Floral Sequined Plunging Neck Long Sleeve Bodysuit

  clothing haul bodysuit

The fourth item from this haul is another bodysuit.This piece is absolutely a party piece. I have so many ideas to wear it. I am so glad I got it. Since this party bodysuit is absolutely the best part of this haul so I am looking forward to pair it with a maxi skirt, sequin pants or what not. Such a versatile piece it is!!!


Stripe High Waist Wide Leg Capri Pants

wide leg crop pants clothing haul

The fifth item I got is a bottom one that I could not try on. Although I love the pattern on these pants but I am seriously discouraged because this does not fit right to the size mentioned. So if you want these pants then please go for a size or two bigger to your actual size. That's that but I do not want to forget to say that these pants are otherwise very nice plus they have good cotton-ish material.


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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Fresh Ways to Wear White Dress Outfit

Fresh Ways to Wear White Dress Outfit
White Dress Outfit
White Dress Outfit
White Dress Outfit
white dress outfit
white dress outfit
white dress outfit

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White Lace Sheer Sleeveless Casual Maxi Dress

White Faux Fur  Sandals


All of a sudden I wanted to wear a princess dress! Hence I ordered this stunning sheer dress and fur sandals from Amiclubwear. I was thinking like what would I really look for what I ordered till I tried this on. And... here it is, so stunning!

Wearing white dress outfit can be a great way to look relaxed, yet elegant. Because semi-sheer lace maxi gown with long sleeves and deep V-neckline are part of celebrity looks; it doesn't mean this style is not for you. Sheer trend has been chic and will be chic forever.

The same time because this trend been on the runways doesn't mean its for everyone. You surely need to consider your body type before you day dream of this trend. I know you want to get that feminine and edgy look in this, so be careful and choose wisely. Being said that the same time, if you are like me who likes to wear sheer dresses, then I can understand your stress to decide what in the world goes under these sheer and maxi dresses.

It is not such of a big deal if you have some slips or similar color dresses, tunic top that fit your body in your closet. For example I had this long sleeve body con dress in my wardrobe that I thought will work amazingly great to cover my sheer maxi dress. so this was certainly not a surprise but I must say these two dresses worked so well together. It looks like there are two ways the outfit is styled. Firstly the sheer maxi dress is working as a top and secondly this same dress is popping out as the main piece of my outfit. The white dress outfit is on the top of every girl’s fashion list nowadays.


Summing up while Shopping for cheap maxi dresses 2016 pick the dresses that depict you and your style, look easy but edgy and also bring your feminine side out.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Styling Thigh High Boots With Dress This Winter |Fashionoutfitsandbeauty

Styling Thigh High Boots With Dress This Winter
Styling Thigh High Boots
Styling Thigh High Boots
Styling Thigh High Boots
Styling Thigh High Boots

Amiclubwear Dress

Off the Shoulder Dresses


The best staple to keep in your closet this season is Warm boots. Boots such as thigh-high boots or knee high boots are the boots of the season. Styling thigh high boots is the easiest thing I can think of. They can wow any outfit in a fraction of second, dressing up even the most boring piece you have on. These statement shoes are not only surprisingly wearable, they're well on their way to becoming cold-weather wardrobe staples. Amiclubwear has a tremendously huge collection of these boots. I am sure you will find you favorites.


Opt for a cool-chic style, and wear a summery dress with your over-the-knee boots. You can throw in a choker necklace to perfectly rock the vibe. Additionally, if you want to keep yourself even warmer,  simply pair it with thigh-high boots and a trench coat to make it appropriate for the cold season. If you still want a more conservative look, you may also wear black tights or even your favorite skinny jeans. To add a vintage vibe, just keep your hair down. Sweater dress definitely is a must must go go for thigh high boots this time. You can even wear it with jeans and add boots on top. Any ribbed knit sweater dress looks marvelous styled with black leather thigh-high boots

They come in leather and suede, flat soles or block heels.  These are the hottest shoes in history, with the most epic superpower of them all. Then again pair it with a skater skirt. Aim to have a small amount of skin or hosiery showing between the skirt and the boot. No matter how you style them, the possibilities are nearly endless. Summing up, styling thigh high boots, pick thigh high boots that look expensive, are comfortable and fit well. It’s a statement piece, a rare fashion investment, so do it wisely.