Monday, December 16, 2013

Special Candy for Sweet Celebrations

Do you want to create your own sweet gift for your loved ones for this holiday season? I will like to introduce a special sweets gift website  Les Cinq Amandes. Les Cinq Amandes is the ultimate source of fine confections, favors and your own customized gifts. Celebrate this season deliciously, beautifully and fashionably with these candies.You will stay on budget as well. All five almonds have a beautiful FIVE WISHES associated with gift giving, to make a gift even more meaningful. The wishes are Happiness, Health, Peace, Love and Longevity.These candies are created to match your event, holiday, interior, company or simply your taste and budget!

 I received the samples to review. I loved the colors and packaging. The almond candies are the best. You can create them the way you like. You can choose your own colors as well. You can choose the gift and what goes in it. There are millions of combinations for your unique creation. You can place your orders here:

Offer Details: All my blog readers will get a 10% discount.
Reader Discount: 10% Off

Reader Discount Code: HOLIDAY10


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