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4 Ways to Style Your Maxi Dress This Winter

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4 Ways to Style Your Maxi Dress This Winter

Are you a fan of dresses? Many women would love to take a dress over pants any day. Dresses are typically more light-weight and allow for a “freer” feeling than pants do. However, when the temperatures begin to drop and snow falls to the ground, many women feel they can no longer get by with wearing their beloved dresses. However, there is a way to ditch the pants and still enjoy dresses year-long…the answer is maxi dresses. Maxi dresses which are most famously known to be worn in the spring and the summer are popping up everywhere this winter. One of the key characteristics of a winter maxi dress is long sleeves and darker colors. However, you can even get by with recycling your spring and summer maxi dress if you style it right. Here are 4 ways to style your maxi dress this winter.

1.       With a cropped jacket. If you’re itching to wear a gorgeous maxi dress this winter but are afraid of being cold, try pairing it with a cropped jacket. Cropped jackets are great because they can cover your shoulders (this is especially beneficial when trying to wear a sleeveless maxi dress) and can provide warmth, however, your style will not be compromised. Women will frequently ditch wearing a jacket even when temperatures reach below zero because they feel they are bulky or will hinder their style choices. With the cropped jacket you’ll only be adding to your already awesome outfit and you won’t risk catching a cold. It’s a win-win situation!

2.       With a scarf. Chances are you already have a few dozen scarves stored away in your closet for the fall and winter. A scarf can easily help a summer maxi dress transition into the fall. The key to making this style work is to choose a scarf that will compliment your dress. If you’re wearing a solid colored maxi dress, opt for a patterned scarf in the same or neutral colors. In contrast, a patterned maxi dress calls for a solid scarf from the same color family or a neutral color.

3.       With a belt. A belt can quickly take a maxi dress from being casual to more professional. This look is perfect for wearing a maxi dress to the office. Opt for a smaller belt so that it does not take away from your dress. You also might want to try pairing a neon colored belt with a black or dark colored maxi dress for a pop of color. 

4.       With a Blazer. This one is my favorite. If you’re not a fan of belts but still want to dress your maxi dress up a bit in a business casual fashion, try a blazer. Blazers can make any maxi dress look a bit more professional. It can also make you stand out and look unique. This is an especially great look for women who are going to job interviews and looking for an alternative to the traditional business suit or slacks and blazer combination. Plus, a blazer can help you to stay warm even when you choose a sleeveless maxi to pair it with.

Are you planning to wear some of your spring and summer maxi dresses this winter? What are your favorite ways to style your sexy maxi dresses to help them make a smooth transition with the changing of the seasons? 

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