Monday, April 25, 2016

Clothing Haul/ Review/ 2016 Spring Essentials

Hello Lovely Ladies, Welcome to my 2016 Spring Essentials. I will be sharing the things that can last you spring season and beyond. I will separate them into different categories. This is of course purely my own opinion and I am sharing what I wear in my own personal life. The first category is

Off the Shoulder:  Showing shoulders is so in now. Off the shoulder comes in all the styles. You can find them in tops and dresses both. I am slowly replacing all my tops and dresses with off the shoulder style. The first one is semi off the shoulder where only a part of your shoulder is visible.  I absolutely love wearing this style. I got this one from Dress Link. Its available in five different sizes. It comes in two colors. Both of these colors rock this style. I picked up the red one. This material is stretchy and has a t shirt look. It can we worn with any of your favorite jeans, shorts or leggings. I will wear it with floral leggings to make my outfit little more springy. :)

The other style in off the shoulder category is this boat kind of neck. I picked this lacy top from dress link that has got longer sleeves and is bit  more off the shoulder. I so love this top. The lining material is so soft and comfortable. It supports the lace so well. This top is so well made. It fits me perfectly. Amazing quality.

Split top and Stripe T shirts: This is a must for this spring season. Split tops and stripes go hand on hand. They can be mixed with other patterns such as florals.  My favorite T shirt is from the same shop that is dress link. I love the stripes, slit on the sides and the logo on the t shirt is the best thing. 

Florals: Florals are always a super trendy style for spring. Who can forget this style? this is so basic and must. I could not wait to pick this high waisted, chiffon, vintage style floor length  dress from the same company. It has got a side zipper. It makes me feel like a princess when i wear it. It is little bit tight on me from the bodice. Let me know how do you like this kind of vintage style?

Monday, April 11, 2016

Spring clothing haul and review

I have not done so much posting on my blog lately. I was  way too busy  with my family as i got a new baby this March :). Today, I am doing a clothing haul from Lovely wholesale, its one of my favorite online shop. Their clothes are so cute. I placed an order of 6 items but they sent me only five of them. I tried to find out why one of the item is missing and did not get any reply yet. I will be posting my last item as soon as they ship it out to me. Always make sure to check their size chart accurately to match with your own body measurements.  I will also be doing a special post on Mother's day in collaboration with Lovelywholesale. Check my blog back for that and I will be updating it on my Instagram.  I am reviewing the items here and outfit posts will be followed.

 I posted a picture on my Instagram of what I got from them. You must be knowing that if not you can follow me there @sandysandhu5. The first thing I got from them is a pair of  Mid Waist Distressed Jeans

They are my favorite. I just love them as they are so soft. They were so fresh when i opened the packaging. The length is little bit longer but that is fine as I can roll them in or out making them look more stylish. 

The other item is a must have black dress Fashion Turtleneck Long Sleeves Black Cotton Blend Sheath Knee Length Dress  I love the neckline, long-sleeves, length and stretchy and easy material of this dress. It hugs my body perfectly.

The next thing I got is a jumpsuit. Trendy V Neck Long Sleeves Solid Army Green Polyester One-piece Regular Jumpsuit . I was so much looking for an army green jumpsuit. I just can not tell you guys how lovely this jumpsuit is. It looks great and I  did not try it on yet. The material is polyester that has got a little bit shine to it. 

I got this springy white Long Sleeves White Polyester Transparent Long Coat  In description, it says the material is polyester but it is kind of mixed cotton. I like it the way it is. It will look really good over jeans, or any bodycon dress.

The last item is this Mini dress Fashion O Neck Long Sleeves Blue Sheath Mini Dress   . This dress actually surprised me a bit. The picture and description says that its blue in color but its actually green. Also, the material is not same as it says sheath in description but its more like mixed cotton. Again, I like the color I got but it clashes with the description. Other than that the sizing and fabric is so nice. The length is also perfect to what I was looking for.

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