Monday, August 22, 2016

Mineral Wet and Dry Powder Foundation

I have been switching  my foundation routine so much lately. This is because my skin is a combination one. Sometimes one of the foundation type suits and sometimes the other one. The pores are giving me hard time as well. Sometimes my skin looks flawless and the other time its super dry after I apply my foundation on. So I wanted to try something new and heard of Mineral Wet and Dry Powder Foundation. The name sounds very attractive to me to try this foundation on as it says wet and dry as well as powder which looks like a great combo to me. I have collaborate with Studio Gear Cosmetics before and honestly saying I am in love with their products from BB cream, CC cream to eye shadows and more. I seriously could not wait to try their foundation this time. It was little difficult for me to choose a foundation shade online. You girls can know what I am talking about. So, out of Bisque, Cream, Linen, Natural, Sand, Wheat, Praline and Raw Sugar shades I picked Sand. If none of the shades match to my skin tone then I always go for Sand or sandy beige. It usually goes well with the brown skin. 

Sand Mineral Powder/My Shade

Whats my take on it?
I applied this foundation directly on top of my everyday moisturized face. I did not apply any primer or anything else. Firstly I applied it lightly all over my face. It was just fine and then I  built it up a little more by applying another layer.This foundation worked wonders. It looked so flawless and the finish was amazing. The shade matched perfectly with my skin tone. For now, I am just taking a break from liquid foundations. This is what I was looking for as it did not bother my facial pores, did not show any blackheads/whiteheads. I even applied highlighter, blusher and bronzer on the top. The face looked great. In case you want to apply concealer, you can do that but make sure you apply concealer first and then top it with all the powders as we cannot apply powder on top of liquid consistency as a result your face will look caky. So I give this powder foundation a big thumbs up.

Another way to apply this foundation is to apply it on  top of serum. This gives a glowy look and I absolutely love glowy and shiny look of a foundation. Also it can be applied as a powder on top of your liquid foundation to set the foundation in place and avoid cakiness.

About the Brand

Dual Identity Wet/Dry Mineral Foundation is a true revolutionary advancement in beauty. These loose minerals provide all the benefits you’ve come to expect of a normal mineral foundation enhanced with the improved application, feel, look, and performance you love from your favorite wet, dry, or liquid foundation. It's versatility makes it the perfect makeup for all seasons.

Check out youtube tutorial for application tips!

1 Foundation | 4 Ways

1. Mineral Powder: Keep it simple and buff Foundation into skin on it's own or over primer.

2. Serum Foundation: Mix it Up with Revitalizing Day Serum to create custom, super moisturizing coverage. (Tip, you can also mix with your favorite SPF)

3. Mattifying Finishing Powder: Take it on the go to set your liquid make-up and stay matte all day.

4. Cream Contour: Mix up darker and lighter shades with Protective Day Lotion for creamy, blendable, custom contour.

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