Monday, August 15, 2016

My Banggood Wishlist and DIY Jewelry

Hello Everyone!
How are you  all?

Girls are mostly so creative. I am really creative and into art so much. I like designing my outfits for myself, sometimes I like to paint and create projects for my home. What can be so cool and creative than creating your own accessories. Yes you heard me right. If you are like me and looking for fun projects like that to finish up yourself or sit down with your besties to create accessories for each other thenkeep reading this post because I have some cool ideas for you. I will start with these cute loose beads from Banggood to be a part of any bracelet or even a necklace

I seriously love cute earring especially kind of stud for my ears for everyday wear. Look at these cute stud stoppers. I am sure they are gonna enhance the beauty of stud even more from the back of your ear. This gives such a finished look to any earring you wear.

Lets have a look at some of my favorite watches now and check them out below. They have this watch in red as well.

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