Monday, October 31, 2016

Outfit of The Day: Off the Shoulder Dress

All right here is one more look that is off the shoulder. I love how flowy and comfortable this dress is. Comfortability is most important to me when I select anything to wear. 

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This off the shoulder dress has lace details on the front. This lace runs from top to bottom that makes you look even taller. So this style can help you look like you have added few inches to your height.  I feel like dresses like this are so versatile.  I wore this for a road trip. 

I am a new mom so I always look for clothing that gives me space to move around easily. This shoulder dress survived my road trip. 

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Indian Ethnic Festive Lookbook 2016

Most of you must be knowing that i recently visited India. I will be uploading the vlog video on my youtube channel soon. It was so much fun. I captured almost all the best moments I could. The food, shopping, family moments and what not. As I mentioned before in my previous post here  that I purchased Indian dresses, so here they are. The festivals are going on. Karwa chauth is gone, Diwali is coming up as well so I thought to put together my favorite looks for this festive season of the year 2016. Scroll to the end to watch video. Its fun.

I love this palazzo salwar suit. i got this from Reliancetrends. The colors are so beautiful and i love the gold details on the top.

This suit is a gift. Patiala suit is common to have a short shirt or kameez but these days long kameez are  trendy. 

And yes the other hot trend in Indian Clothing online or not is a pant suit. I bought this suit from uttam vastra actually. I got it shipped to my mom's house in India. It was semi stitched. You have to actually get the semi stitched salwar suit get stitched completely even though if it says semi stitched. There was a bad part in the pant material like the material was kind of ripped so my boutique lady had to cut it out in a way so it can be hidden on the top side somewhere. A little disappointment was there but it was pretty cheap though. 

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Outfit of The Day: Leggings with Mesh Material

I know I know mesh on the leggings is not something new but for me it is. This is the first clothing item I own  in bottoms that has mesh fabric. Mesh clothing to me gives a feel of gypsy clothing. I love all that boho gypsy vibe. The mesh like fabric is just something that outstands my style. Moreover I feel its personally bold. I like to go for fashion that is not for everyone. I like trying looks that are bold and outstanding. That is just me.

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These leggings have a net fabric and the base is cotton. I wore these black leggings to Niagara Falls. I thought it would be little cold there and I need to stay warmer but Hello, that was not the case. It was little warm there but these leggings did not make me that hot as I thought. 

I love Flannel shirts. I bought this shirt and the leggings from Target actually. So I paired them both together for a little warmer look. This look can actually be built up with more layers if you are more cold.  For me this outfit worked great.

I forgot to mention that my shoes are also from Target. Target is my super favorite to shop for clothing items.

Monday, October 24, 2016

THE PERFECT LOOK/ Fall Trends 2016-2017

I am sharing few of my favorite Fall Trends this fall. The number one is the lace ups. I have bee seeing lots of lace up tops and now for the fall this trend is converting into lace up sweaters. Check out this burgundy lace up  below. 


I love fall clothes because they are so versatile and can be mixed and matched in tones of different ways. As the trend of lace ups the choker tops are also converting into choker sweaters. Check out the picture below for an attached or sown in choker with the top and picture number five, I mean the last picture that is a sweater but with a choker. I love love love these chokers.


And the trench coats are the BOMBS. They do not have to be in super warm material. They also come in cotton, semi satin and more to balance out the warmth.

To keep your shopping spirit up for fall fashion I have got some coupons below.

Go shopping here THE PERFECT LOOK

Lace White Dress

Hola Everyone
What sup

My love for whites, off the shoulders, lace dress, spaghetti camis, little white dress is just unstoppable. To pump up your simple white dress you can wear gold stacked bangles, black or white heels. For a day time look I will go for nude lips but I love bold lipsticks more than anything. The evening look can be made more gorgeous by switching nude lips to something more vibrant and bold like red. White and brown accessories also give a cute style to the white dress. Army green is such a hot trend now. A cool vest or a trench coat can also be added. 

Okay, how about a denim jacket? I am sure many of you can pull this style easily. Moreover a lace dress can also be worn as a skirt. Yes, just wear your favorite blouse on the top of your dress and let people guess if you are wearing a dress or a skirt. To give a pop of color go for some statement necklace in bright colors like aqua or mint. 

If you remember I wore this lace dress with a belt, white heels and a black bag. I definitely went for nude lips and added some highlights to my hair. Check out some more styles here

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Women's Trench Coat


So from the title of this post, it is clear that I am going to talk about this hot style called Womens Trench Coat. I came across a huge selection and styles for trench coats while looking for women clothing online   It is one of the hot fall trends for 2016-2017. It is just not a style but it emphasizes so much on the femininity.  Some trench coats come with the belts that help to cinch the waist line for a more feminine look. Even under the layers this is a very good way to show your curves. They come in versatile colors like nudes, reds and even in denim material as well. The trench coats can be worn over a bodycon dress or a loose fitted shift dress, a two piece outfit or with a jeans paired with  a crop top. I love all these three styles under the trench coats.

With A Dress

 With Two Piece Outfit

With a  Monochromatic Look

More ways to style
Wear it over a shirt and a leather jacket for extra warmth
Over an overall or a jumpsuit
Over the stripes
Over a skater dress
You can add a scarf as well

What are the other ways you like to style and wear your trench coat?

Monday, October 17, 2016

Outfit of The Night: Anarkali Suit| Indian Ethnic Outfit

 I had this anarkali outfit custom made for me. I got it done in free size. I wanted to do its alteration myself for some reason. I just came back from India and got so many  Indian dresses like indian salwar kameez, patiala suit and anarkali suit customized. These days pant and palazzo suits are so trendy as well. But I was desperately waiting to alter this anarkali and wear for some special occasion. Finally I had a chance to try it on. I am so much in love with the color combination. The lace details are so beautiful. I did not buy any dupatta for it. It was just a one piece anarkali dress. I paired it with mint leggings and also used a net dupatta from my other salwar kameez suit. It looked superb together. 

The round bindis are such a fashion. I love Katrina Kaif's green bindi she wore in song Kala Chashma. I gave green bindi a try to go with this outfit and I did not regret. My nail color matched co incidentally with the bodice of the anarkali. I ended up choosing nude heels to balance out all the colors. For jewelry, I went for gold Indian traditional earrings and a traditional handcuff 

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Top Picks for Fall

Hello Everyone!

Its the time when seasons change and we look into our closets to find what they offer to wear and style for the upcoming season. Fall season gives us so many options to pick. There are sweaters, trench coats, layers, pants,  boots, gloves and some cool sunglasses. I find myself matching what goes best with what. I am the person who plans an outfit ahead. I am definitely not a last minute person to style an outfit or cook in my kitchen. As I live in sunny state I do not like investing much in fall clothing. But I surely need to update my fall wardrobe this year. There are many options inside the malls or the favorite stores to explore the latest fashion trends, fall trends but there are very limited shops where you can buy clothing in wholesale. For Winter wholesale clothing, I found this website called Apparel Candy, they recently launched their website. The unit price they offer is pretty affordable but if you want to buy items in packs then they have the best deals ever and are budget friendly.

In Apparel Candys wholesale sweaters and jackets department, you can find the nicest collection of clothing that is fresh and new. The sweaters are so chic, cozy and low priced.

The pants and leggings are my fall savers in winters. Leggings or jeggings themselves are so comfortable and comes in cute styles to top with sweaters or sweater dresses. I  always like wearing  leggings underneath my jeans for extra warmth. The wholesale pants are a great idea to gift during Christmas. The harem pants, drawstring pants, lounge pants selection can never end. I have a good collection in this style to wear at home, run some errands or even to go out for lunch or whatsoever. The shoes selection and makeup can change the whole look of your outfit from street to dine in or lunch out.

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