Thursday, October 27, 2016

Outfit of The Day: Leggings with Mesh Material

I know I know mesh on the leggings is not something new but for me it is. This is the first clothing item I own  in bottoms that has mesh fabric. Mesh clothing to me gives a feel of gypsy clothing. I love all that boho gypsy vibe. The mesh like fabric is just something that outstands my style. Moreover I feel its personally bold. I like to go for fashion that is not for everyone. I like trying looks that are bold and outstanding. That is just me.

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These leggings have a net fabric and the base is cotton. I wore these black leggings to Niagara Falls. I thought it would be little cold there and I need to stay warmer but Hello, that was not the case. It was little warm there but these leggings did not make me that hot as I thought. 

I love Flannel shirts. I bought this shirt and the leggings from Target actually. So I paired them both together for a little warmer look. This look can actually be built up with more layers if you are more cold.  For me this outfit worked great.

I forgot to mention that my shoes are also from Target. Target is my super favorite to shop for clothing items.

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