Monday, October 24, 2016

THE PERFECT LOOK/ Fall Trends 2016-2017

I am sharing few of my favorite Fall Trends this fall. The number one is the lace ups. I have bee seeing lots of lace up tops and now for the fall this trend is converting into lace up sweaters. Check out this burgundy lace up  below. 


I love fall clothes because they are so versatile and can be mixed and matched in tones of different ways. As the trend of lace ups the choker tops are also converting into choker sweaters. Check out the picture below for an attached or sown in choker with the top and picture number five, I mean the last picture that is a sweater but with a choker. I love love love these chokers.


And the trench coats are the BOMBS. They do not have to be in super warm material. They also come in cotton, semi satin and more to balance out the warmth.

To keep your shopping spirit up for fall fashion I have got some coupons below.

Go shopping here THE PERFECT LOOK

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