Thursday, October 13, 2016

Top Picks for Fall

Hello Everyone!

Its the time when seasons change and we look into our closets to find what they offer to wear and style for the upcoming season. Fall season gives us so many options to pick. There are sweaters, trench coats, layers, pants,  boots, gloves and some cool sunglasses. I find myself matching what goes best with what. I am the person who plans an outfit ahead. I am definitely not a last minute person to style an outfit or cook in my kitchen. As I live in sunny state I do not like investing much in fall clothing. But I surely need to update my fall wardrobe this year. There are many options inside the malls or the favorite stores to explore the latest fashion trends, fall trends but there are very limited shops where you can buy clothing in wholesale. For Winter wholesale clothing, I found this website called Apparel Candy, they recently launched their website. The unit price they offer is pretty affordable but if you want to buy items in packs then they have the best deals ever and are budget friendly.

In Apparel Candys wholesale sweaters and jackets department, you can find the nicest collection of clothing that is fresh and new. The sweaters are so chic, cozy and low priced.

The pants and leggings are my fall savers in winters. Leggings or jeggings themselves are so comfortable and comes in cute styles to top with sweaters or sweater dresses. I  always like wearing  leggings underneath my jeans for extra warmth. The wholesale pants are a great idea to gift during Christmas. The harem pants, drawstring pants, lounge pants selection can never end. I have a good collection in this style to wear at home, run some errands or even to go out for lunch or whatsoever. The shoes selection and makeup can change the whole look of your outfit from street to dine in or lunch out.

Sandy Sandhu

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