Thursday, October 20, 2016

Women's Trench Coat


So from the title of this post, it is clear that I am going to talk about this hot style called Womens Trench Coat. I came across a huge selection and styles for trench coats while looking for women clothing online   It is one of the hot fall trends for 2016-2017. It is just not a style but it emphasizes so much on the femininity.  Some trench coats come with the belts that help to cinch the waist line for a more feminine look. Even under the layers this is a very good way to show your curves. They come in versatile colors like nudes, reds and even in denim material as well. The trench coats can be worn over a bodycon dress or a loose fitted shift dress, a two piece outfit or with a jeans paired with  a crop top. I love all these three styles under the trench coats.

With A Dress

 With Two Piece Outfit

With a  Monochromatic Look

More ways to style
Wear it over a shirt and a leather jacket for extra warmth
Over an overall or a jumpsuit
Over the stripes
Over a skater dress
You can add a scarf as well

What are the other ways you like to style and wear your trench coat?

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