Skin Pamper Days

While I take care of my skin, I make sure I use the best skin care products that suit my skin type and skin needs. Skin Pamper gives your skin a deep care and conditioining. When you wear makeup all day at work or not your skin still needs a proper care routine. Using moisturizer is very important for me in all the seasons as my skin gets dry at few spots. Different anti-aging creams and skin care tips help my skin to breathe and relax. But at the same time I also bleach and do skin facial at home twice a month. I am not saying I am not happy with my skin tone but giving your skin a deep cleansing using the best facial products make a big difference.
 Gold Skin Facial
Skin Pamper Days Skin Pamper Days[/caption]
Makari is the leader in skin whitening creams nad distributes some amazing products for those Skin Pamper Days. I love Gold and Diamond facials. They are so good for your skin. They give instant glow to any skin. I strongly believe in using one brand only while giving yourself a mini facial. 
For example, 

used together will give beneficial results rather than anti-aging  from one brand, skin cream from another one and so on.
The MAKARI GOLD beauty products have the following benefits as claimed by the company. Are you thinking of trying those out to skin pamper? I will love to.
Makari OR ROSE 24K Gold consists of powerful formulations that help with the effectiveness of lightening, renewing epidermal cells, scars, and stretch marks.
 Why Gold?
Boosts flow to the area being treated
Restores the elasticity of the tissues
Slows down collagen depletion and the breakdown of elating to prevent sagging skin
Speeds cellular processes and activates regeneration of skin cells
Strengthening and healing, as well as rejuvenating
Has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties
 Why Omega?
Contains fatty acid that are highly concentrated emollients and natural olus oil
Its high concentration of natural oils and moisturizers sinks into skin so healing can take place
Prevents dry skin problems from happening again and again
Why Probiotics?
Probiotics means in favor of life.
Slows down the aging process
Works to protect the skin environment by protecting the lost bacteria
Makes skin balanced, calmer and more resistant to aging
Healthy bacteria in the gut improve overall health.
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