Sunday, November 27, 2016

Spaghetti Dress With Asymmetrical Hem


On the subject of any clothing item that is a spaghetti dress and asymmetric , it gets sometimes pretty challenging for me to decide how to pull this style. I have never worn any asymmetric clothing piece that has a modern vibe to it, By modern vibe, I mean something like spaghetti straps. So what a twist right. It sounds like a perfect mix of bohemian and modern fashion. I am talking about the spaghetti dress here.

  spaghetti dress Asymmetrical Dress Spaghetti Strap Maxi Dress

All about my Outfit

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To start with I must say that I had to wait forever for my order to be shipped from Fashionmia. Having said that I was happy to see the items inside but when I opened the package I saw this spaghetti strap dress that I had to fix straps that go on the dress. If you shop in stores, you probably  skip this step. Hmm. On the contrary I am fine with the quality of this dress. It is great even though the material is sheer and see through. In the picture on the website, it just looks like a perfect fabric that is non sheer and one can wear it without the struggle of layering anything underneath. But that is fine. I love the way how cute this looks. Moreover, let me tell you guys that spaghetti strap with a Tee underneath is a big trend now. This style is all about wearing a T shirt underneath spaghetti straps. Considering that this dress was sheer,Tee worked the best.This seriously reminds me of my school days. I actually wore a spaghetti dress like this for a prom.

spaghetti dress Asymmetrical Spaghetti Strap Maxi Dress


Considering the look and style plus the price of this dress, I am happy that I bought it. Most of all the feel of this dress is good. I just feel like being myself having this spaghetti dress on. Therefore, this outfit was absolutely perfect for a picnic to the park and I also stayed overall happy. I mean to say it does not seem like one of those bohemian dress patterns that are completely awkward. Without doubt, this is one of the good bohemian dresses for fall.