Thursday, December 22, 2016

Fresh Ways to Wear White Dress Outfit

Fresh Ways to Wear White Dress Outfit
White Dress Outfit
White Dress Outfit
White Dress Outfit
white dress outfit
white dress outfit
white dress outfit

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White Lace Sheer Sleeveless Casual Maxi Dress

White Faux Fur  Sandals


All of a sudden I wanted to wear a princess dress! Hence I ordered this stunning sheer dress and fur sandals from Amiclubwear. I was thinking like what would I really look for what I ordered till I tried this on. And... here it is, so stunning!

Wearing white dress outfit can be a great way to look relaxed, yet elegant. Because semi-sheer lace maxi gown with long sleeves and deep V-neckline are part of celebrity looks; it doesn't mean this style is not for you. Sheer trend has been chic and will be chic forever.

The same time because this trend been on the runways doesn't mean its for everyone. You surely need to consider your body type before you day dream of this trend. I know you want to get that feminine and edgy look in this, so be careful and choose wisely. Being said that the same time, if you are like me who likes to wear sheer dresses, then I can understand your stress to decide what in the world goes under these sheer and maxi dresses.

It is not such of a big deal if you have some slips or similar color dresses, tunic top that fit your body in your closet. For example I had this long sleeve body con dress in my wardrobe that I thought will work amazingly great to cover my sheer maxi dress. so this was certainly not a surprise but I must say these two dresses worked so well together. It looks like there are two ways the outfit is styled. Firstly the sheer maxi dress is working as a top and secondly this same dress is popping out as the main piece of my outfit. The white dress outfit is on the top of every girl’s fashion list nowadays.


Summing up while Shopping for cheap maxi dresses 2016 pick the dresses that depict you and your style, look easy but edgy and also bring your feminine side out.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Styling Thigh High Boots With Dress This Winter |Fashionoutfitsandbeauty

Styling Thigh High Boots With Dress This Winter
Styling Thigh High Boots
Styling Thigh High Boots
Styling Thigh High Boots
Styling Thigh High Boots

Amiclubwear Dress

Off the Shoulder Dresses


The best staple to keep in your closet this season is Warm boots. Boots such as thigh-high boots or knee high boots are the boots of the season. Styling thigh high boots is the easiest thing I can think of. They can wow any outfit in a fraction of second, dressing up even the most boring piece you have on. These statement shoes are not only surprisingly wearable, they're well on their way to becoming cold-weather wardrobe staples. Amiclubwear has a tremendously huge collection of these boots. I am sure you will find you favorites.


Opt for a cool-chic style, and wear a summery dress with your over-the-knee boots. You can throw in a choker necklace to perfectly rock the vibe. Additionally, if you want to keep yourself even warmer,  simply pair it with thigh-high boots and a trench coat to make it appropriate for the cold season. If you still want a more conservative look, you may also wear black tights or even your favorite skinny jeans. To add a vintage vibe, just keep your hair down. Sweater dress definitely is a must must go go for thigh high boots this time. You can even wear it with jeans and add boots on top. Any ribbed knit sweater dress looks marvelous styled with black leather thigh-high boots

They come in leather and suede, flat soles or block heels.  These are the hottest shoes in history, with the most epic superpower of them all. Then again pair it with a skater skirt. Aim to have a small amount of skin or hosiery showing between the skirt and the boot. No matter how you style them, the possibilities are nearly endless. Summing up, styling thigh high boots, pick thigh high boots that look expensive, are comfortable and fit well. It’s a statement piece, a rare fashion investment, so do it wisely.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

How to Shop Womens Plus Size Tops | Tunics For Plus Size Women

Hello Fashionistas!  Who does not love fashion. As we all do hence I thought I should have a chit chat session about Womens plus size tops and other fashion items.
Womens Plus Size Tops
tunics for plus size women

Womens Plus Size Tops are certainly not for a super big size as I know when I order online I sometimes end up ordering bigger sized tops or bottoms or whatever because of the difference in international sizing. Not only that I love to wear plus size to achieve that baggy style. This is definitely something I love to rock. Even a jacket or  coat in a size little bigger than my normal flatters me. Plus size womens tops are not only a bit for comfortable but they also bring a freshness to everyday fit.

Womens Plus Size Tops, plus size girls

I see so many styles in plus size fashion tops. I mean for example tunics, hi lows, maxi tops, peplum top and what not. Along with that I believe cheap plus size tops add a nice twist to any boring top. Actually cheap plus size clothing is categorized mostly under medium to large clothing sizing by international Asian online clothing companies. I personally like getting their bodycon dresses because I know if I order them in my regular US size I won't be able to even breathe in them. Trendy plus size clothing is surely a good idea to give yourself a chance to wear that flattering and favorite dress you always wanted to.

 Womens Plus Size Tops

Eventually plus size womens tops work amazingly great as any dress. I will also like to add that you can always find a great selection of women's plus size tops and blouses in the latest styles and colors. You can pick them to match and go for anything you want from your closet. One can really  shop tops for a versatile collection of blouses, sweaters, knit tops, and tanks. Most of all you will embrace your full figure with stylish plus-size clothing.

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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Wide Leg Crop Pants 2016| Fashionoutfitsandbeauty

Hello Everyone. I know you do not often see me posing wearing a  wide leg crop Pants. Although I love wearing crop denim, palazzo pants or any other wide leg pants but this is my first time having these kind of bottoms on. Believe me, it took me forever  to decide how to wear them.
ankle pants

I got them from Fashionmia. The color of these wide leg crop pants actually insisted me to add them to my shopping cart. I was thinking to wear them for Thanksgiving but I could not as I ended up wearing my bomber jacket outfit. Anyways, the way they are made is not very flattering actually, especially not for my body type. The sizing is not bad but the thing is how they are made. Besides that, I ironed them to settel down their pleates and give them a nice finished look. That somehow did not work either. They are beggy around the waist. I basically did not feel comfortable the way they look around my back; so that is the only reason I chose to wear a light cardigan to distract that fit. Even the waist tie could be little longer.


But seriously guys I love how gorgeous this outfit looks alltogether. The army green cami is from walmart. I love this color combination of army green with mustards and white so I put this outfit together. I also added a very light colored pink choker to this outfit; that is even complimeting the whole look. For my shoes, I definitely wanted to wear some heels to make the look of these pants little more stylish. I equally love the colors as well as pieces in this outfit.

  wide leg capri pants  

Wide Leg Crop Pants


Moving from the clothing part, rest all is just super minimal as I do not like to wear accessories a lot. I am wearing my everyday earnings and the same bangles. The nails are super lazy too. Though my hair were not that bad to style open still I made a messy bun just to keep the things simple, light and on style the same time. In the end I am again saying I really love how this outfit came together so well. I must look for some more wide leg crop pants or any trousers that are wide I mean wide leg capri pants or so. Such pants are more comfortable compared to any other crop pants or bottoms sometimes.

  Wide Leg Crop Pants  

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Monday, December 5, 2016

Updated Face Routine| One Brand Face| Fashionoutfitsandbeauty

I keep sharing about my updated face routine, skin routine and makeup routine regularly here. I realized that I never spoke about any face primer which is one of the essentials for any makeup base.

To start with the makeup, the first and the most important makeup product is face primer. This is actually one of the face care tips I want to talk here. Face primer works as a base on which whole of the makeup stands which makes a perfect sense for a flawless face routine. If the base is not healthy then I am sure that the makeup starts either coming off or creases. It also does not show that well as compared to if you have the face that started on the foundation of a face primer. Here in the pictures below I used all most all of the products from Studio Gear Cosmetics. I have reviewed many of their makeup products before as well and I have spoken in detail about how much I love their products. I decided to do this look with all the products I own from them. While focusing on any face routine, using products from one brand definitely gives better finish than mixing them from different brands.

raw-blog4 skin care routine, face routine

face routine

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 So to start with today's make up look, Firstly I prepared my skin with the moisturizer. Also Studio Gear Revitalizing Day Serum works good as a moisturizer.Then I applied Studio Gear's Prime Objective Perfecting Face Primer mainly on the areas that need it most on my face. After that I took some of their CC cream and applied all over my face. Remember here I am using a powder foundation from Studio Gear. For that I will apply all the cream products first followed by the powder products so the powder foundation. For a light highlight and contour, I used maybelline age rewind concealer and NYX contouring stick as can be found here in my Makeup Routine post/video. Followingly in the end I took my studio gear foundation that came with the foundation brush. I took my foundation brush and dipped it into the lid with foundation. I did not take too much product. Then I just buffed it into my skin and applied two layers. The color I used is sand mineral. This color is perfect for brown skin tone and gives a natural look. From studio gear eye palatte, I picked white shimmer shade called Platinum for highlight. It worked amazingly great. I actually sprayed Evian spray on my stippling brush and dipped into the shimmer before applying on my face. Adding Evian water gives it a more shine; after all, highlights are all about that glowy shiny look. To finish this, I did my eyebrows, eye makeup and lips and thats it.

face routine

Products Used

Studio Gear's Hydrating CC Cream


Studio Gear Eye shadow Palette

These pictures are not doing justice to the actual in person makeup look. I am sorry about that but I am getting my selfie flash soon that I hope will give better pictures. Back camera really doesnot catch the details so filters come in use. I did not want to use any filter here because filters actually hide the real makeup.

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Friday, December 2, 2016

Fall Outfit Ideas| 3 Essentials| Outerwear| Choker Necklace| Cut Out| Fashionoutfitsandbeauty

Hello Everyone. I hope you all had a great Thanks Giving. This festival always reminds me of warm and cozy fall days. Eventually I started looking for outfit ideas, like what outerwear can suit best for my weather conditions and more. This year, I am loving bomber jackets, choker necklace and cut out trends. For me fashion is just not the trend but it is something that is unique the same time.  
  fall outfit ideas

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This year the day was comparatively less cold. Instead of going for warm colors, I went for pink clothing. lol I know how that sounds. This seems like a 16 years old is talking here. Anyways, I wore this pink satin bomber jacket that I got from Amiclubwear recently.While looking out for fall outfit ideas I came across so many jackets that are satin like this. I am telling you guys this jacket is the BOMB! Eventually as the day started getting warmer, I had to take this outerwear off me so I ended up tying around my waist. As I said earlier that it was not that chilly so I had to think about how I could keep this pink satin jacket around my body without actually wearing it.

outerwear, choker necklace

 Underneath this jacket, I wore a super cute long sleeve white top with cut out on both sleeves. I got this white top from Fashionmia. Finally I got the perfect length here, I mean this top has got good length and the material is unconditionally great. It is perfect for those days when you really do not want to layer yourself but cover your sleeves with a bit of breathable cut out top.

cut out
These high waisted jeans are also from Amiclubwear. They are amazing. I love its fit and also I love high waisted jeans actually more than the low waist ones because they hold everything in so well. :). The style of these blue jeans is my favorite because of the rips and patch on the knee. Amiclubwear also sent me a choker. This choker is pink and the material is velvet. It has got multiple opening to lock it to your desired length. I of course love it shorter and higher to my neck. Also one I got one more item from Ami and that is the bodysuit in gray. But at the present time I can no way fit into this. This runs small on me. It might be because of my long torso. This is actually bit weird to explain. I found it short on my body. It might fit a petite woman better I guess. Even then I not only like its color but the criss cross details on the neckline also. On a sad note, I can't wear it.
pink choker necklace   bodysuit   outfit ideas
And I forgot to talk about the accessories. Sometimes while planning out the  perfect outfit ideas, it gets little thoughtful to match and pick suitable accessories. These white sandals and handbag are from India. I purchased them lately. I absolutely love these platform sandals. The bag gives a feel of those  luxury bags while actually it is a non branded one. So I like it because it is just too cute.
Since this post had gotten so long already, I will like to stop writing more now. Hopefully you should have got few great outfit ideas by now, Let me know if this was helpful
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