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I keep sharing about my updated face routine, skin routine and makeup routine regularly here. I realized that I never spoke about any face primer which is one of the essentials for any makeup base.

To start with the makeup, the first and the most important makeup product is face primer. This is actually one of the face care tips I want to talk here. Face primer works as a base on which whole of the makeup stands which makes a perfect sense for a flawless face routine. If the base is not healthy then I am sure that the makeup starts either coming off or creases. It also does not show that well as compared to if you have the face that started on the foundation of a face primer. Here in the pictures below I used all most all of the products from Studio Gear Cosmetics. I have reviewed many of their makeup products before as well and I have spoken in detail about how much I love their products. I decided to do this look with all the products I own from them. While focusing on any face routine, using products from one brand definitely gives better finish than mixing them from different brands.

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face routine

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 So to start with today's make up look, Firstly I prepared my skin with the moisturizer. Also Studio Gear Revitalizing Day Serum works good as a moisturizer.Then I applied Studio Gear's Prime Objective Perfecting Face Primer mainly on the areas that need it most on my face. After that I took some of their CC cream and applied all over my face. Remember here I am using a powder foundation from Studio Gear. For that I will apply all the cream products first followed by the powder products so the powder foundation. For a light highlight and contour, I used maybelline age rewind concealer and NYX contouring stick as can be found here in my Makeup Routine post/video. Followingly in the end I took my studio gear foundation that came with the foundation brush. I took my foundation brush and dipped it into the lid with foundation. I did not take too much product. Then I just buffed it into my skin and applied two layers. The color I used is sand mineral. This color is perfect for brown skin tone and gives a natural look. From studio gear eye palatte, I picked white shimmer shade called Platinum for highlight. It worked amazingly great. I actually sprayed Evian spray on my stippling brush and dipped into the shimmer before applying on my face. Adding Evian water gives it a more shine; after all, highlights are all about that glowy shiny look. To finish this, I did my eyebrows, eye makeup and lips and thats it.

face routine

Products Used

Studio Gear's Hydrating CC Cream


Studio Gear Eye shadow Palette

These pictures are not doing justice to the actual in person makeup look. I am sorry about that but I am getting my selfie flash soon that I hope will give better pictures. Back camera really doesnot catch the details so filters come in use. I did not want to use any filter here because filters actually hide the real makeup.

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