Wednesday, April 26, 2017

My Gemini Day Blue Eyes

Hello Everyone!
Its time to talk about colored lenses again as I keep getting asked by many of you about this topic. I have posted about the colored lenses before on my blog. You must be knowing that if you are my regular reader. So I was contacted by Pinky Paradise again this year to try colored lenses from their Princess Pinky Gemini Series. 

As shown in the picture above, there are four different colors in this series. I chose to try Gemini day Blue . These lenses are intense eye color changing for both dark and light eyes and give you a lively color transformation. They are also natural looking (Day series), realistic like it's your own eye color. If you are looking for lenses for night time then try their Wild Looking (Night series). They are  wild and mysterious for night wearing or extreme look. Not only that they are also comfortable  for daily wear, so comfy like it's part of your eye. They also have high moisture content - 42% while most other colored lenses has 38% only

These are monthly lens, must be changed every 30 days but I have got lens from them 2 years back and they are still good. But I only wear them for some special days not everyday. 

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