Sunday, May 28, 2017

Skincare with HydropPeptide's Nimni Cream

 I have always read a lot about the importance of skincare and the enormous benefits that your skin will get when you’re older. My morning and night time skincare routine takes only 15 minutes. 

I had the opportunity of working with HydroPeptide to update a few things of my Night time routine. Click here for NIMNI CREAM ! Enjoy!

Nimni cream contains a revolutionary patented amino acid complex developed by Dr. Marcel Nimni, who the "wrote the book" on collagen. This complex helps to optimize collagen production, which is essential in maintaining a younger, firmer appearance. 

This cream also rejuvenates skin to lessen the look of fine lines and wrinkles, while improving the appearance of fullness and elasticity. 

Who It's For:
Those concerned with expression lines, wrinkles, loss of facial volume, hyperpigmentation and/or uneven texture.

How to Use it:
Apply a small amount to the face and neck at night, after cleansing. Avoid the eye area. Begin using twice weekly and increase usage as tolerated. 

Key Ingredients:

Patented Collagen Support Complex
Blend of amino acids that fight against skin sagging for a firmer appearance

Time-Release Retinol
Improves skin’s fullness and elasticity while resurfacing skin for a more even tone and texture.

Anti-Aging Peptides 
Improves skin’s structural integrity and provides additional collagen signaling.

Collagen Supporting Antioxidants
It helps stimulate and support healthy collagen.

Since this product contains a time-release retinol, the suggested usage is 2-3 times a week at night to start (after cleansing). Avoid the eye area, and apply your moisturizer after applying Nimni Cream. Once your skin builds up tolerance, you can begin using it 5-7 days a week (at night).

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Sunday, May 21, 2017

eShakti Two Piece Outfit Review

Hola Everyone!!!
Whats up fashion and beauty lovers?

 First for all I apologies for not having that good pictures in this post. Thats all because I have been busy a lot lately with everything around me. Yet I got some time to review this Two Piece outfit/dress sent to me by eshakti. I have reviewed their products before on my blog. This is the only online women's fashion apparel company offering sizes 0-36W & custom clothing. This website offers standard sizes outfits as well as custom sizing. Yes, that,s true. You just add your body measurements and they custom make the outfits for you. 
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It looks like this store is owned in States but the sowing is done from India. I can see and tell that because I know a lot about Indian clothing materials and for sure this two piece material is a typical Indian cotton which I like. This outfit is good for a night out. But you can also wear it as lehnga, lehnga saree by adding any dupatta from your closet. 

The bottom that is skirt part is so beautiful and have a huge circumference. Its a lot of fabric. The top has a cut out on the from which is adorable. Both the pieces look good and feel comfortable when you wear them. They fit amazing to the size. 

So enjoy this post and let me know how you liked it.
 Love Sandy

Saturday, May 13, 2017

A Diaper Bag Giveaway / Evian Facial Spray / #CoolBaby

I am such a huge fan of Evian Facial Sprays. I am so happy to let you all know that this product is now available for babies as well. So good for me and so on time. My little one is 13 months old now. He is such a busy littleman. Instead of giving him shower like more than once or twice a day this spray saves a lot. All you need is just spray your baby with it and your child feels super refresh and cool. Pure, natural skincare from the French Alps, evian Facial Spray is very beneficial for any skin type at any age. It is just so handy, cleans up messy faces and sticky hands that are busy exploring the environment all day long. You can also spray it over diaper rash before and after applying the other ointment. Use it for your kid's hair brushing or styling, and even more. There is no limit to your creativity when it comes to your kids, as mom's already know.

Evian is  offering a giveaway for my readers where 3 lucky winners will receive a Skip Hop Duo Signature diaper bag, in Heather Grey filled with a 10oz, 5oz, and a trio of travel sized evian facial sprays!

Enter for the Giveaway

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